[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
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Frequently asked questions about taking part in Northern Cross

> When does the pilgrimage start?
> How do I get to the start point?
> How much do I have to carry?
> How difficult is the walking?
> How much does it cost?
> Where do I send my application?
> What does the cost include?
> Boots and Waterproofs...
> Additional points to consider?
> Where do I stay / where do we sleep?
> What about liability?
> How can we get back from Lindisfarne / Holy Island?
> Who is organising the pilgrimage?
> Our children's school term won't have finished by Holy Week - what can we do?
> Can I join you just for the Good Friday crossing?

How do I get to the start point?

Carlisle is accessible directly by train. Haddington can be reached by bus or train from Edinburgh. Lanark is accessible by train (typically via Edinburgh) and Melrose is reachable by bus from Berwick-on-Tweed. Bellingham (start for Northumbrian) is nearest to Hexham which can be reached by train, and it will typically be possible to make a pick up from Hexham railway station, by prior arrangement. Family Leg is typically located just off the A1 so is well connected by road for those MPV journeys, although liasion over Hexham/ Berwick railway station pickups may be possible by prior arrangement. The starting point of any other Legs varies from year to year.

[Also see this FAQ which covers returning from Lindisfarne]


If you would like more information, see our FAQs here, or would like to speak in person to a representative of Northern Cross please go to our Contact page. If you are interested in walking with us next Easter and would like to sign up please go to our Registration page.


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