[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
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Family Leg - unfortunately we are not running this Leg in 2016 due to other committments for the leadership team but you can still book a place on another Leg, click here for details

For families with children!

[The route as it was last walked in 2013 is described below]

Family Leg is a relatively new Leg aimed at filling the gap between the time when those with babies and young children find themselves unable to walk due to their family, and the time when they can bring their children on a more full scale leg...

Family Leg has all the usual elements of Northern Cross (walking, cross carrying, liturgy, music, friendship, eating, drinking, humour, conversation, etc) but in a different arrangement to make it particularly suitable to the needs of families with young children.

Our cross to carry is smaller and lighter, the walking rather shorter and easier, and the accommodation not so basic (we stay in one location during Holy Week) and our liturgy will be aimed more at our younger members. While suited to pilgrims who have walked on NorthernCross before and now want to bring their young children along, it is very definitely also open to new walkers with young children!

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The group is based at a local hostel between Palm Sunday evening and Friday morning of Holy Week doing short walks, visiting churches nearby, getting close to and possibly visiting an interesting castle or two, exploring the local playgrounds, celebrating Holy Week liturgies, making Easter gardens, egg rolling, and other child-friendly activities such as swimming. On Good Friday morning we meet the other legs of Northern Cross at Beal Sands and walk across the Pilgrim’s causeway to spend the Easter weekend on Lindisfarne / Holy Island; and join in the main Northern Cross liturgies and activities, possibly also with our own earlier Easter Vigil for the children.

The hostel will sleep around 35 people, which usually amounts to about 8-9 families and we have it booked for our sole use . On Lindisfarne we will stay in a single building which houses us all together, linked to the SVP Hostel where the other Legs stay. We cook for ourselves during the week, with several adults in turn preparing an shared evening meal and clearing up after. Breakfast is ‘serve yourself’ with cereals, bread, jam etc available; and we will make sandwich lunches to take out as picnics.

The liturgy is centred around helping the children understand Holy Week and Easter. There is also a series of night prayer liturgy for the adults on the Leg.

Cost is expected to be in the region of £140 per adult, reduced for teenagers, half for children, under 2's FREE. Final costing details will be confirmed nearer Easter, and can be provided when you enquire.

To express an interest and receive further information, contact us below.

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If you would like more information, see our FAQs here, or would like to speak in person to a representative of Northern Cross please go to our Contact page. If you are interested in walking with us next Easter and would like to sign up please go to our Registration page.


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