[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
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How to walk with us

Steps to apply and make a booking

Your first step is to decide which walk / which leg appeals to you - which one you want to do. Then go to “Contact Us / Join” and fill the booking form in. It's really simple, we just need to know

  • your name,
  • the leg you want to do
  • an email address and other contact details so we can reply to your enquiry

We will then send you an email which will acknowledge your enquiry. If you do not receive this, please try 'Contact Us' again as there may be an error with your email address. We aim to respond within a week, and between January to Easter, within a few days.

Note regarding school terms:
Please contact the Coordinator for advice if you have children in school whose terms clash with part of the pilgrimage dates. Use the contact form or make a special comment on the booking form.

We will then send you

  • further information about the walk / leg you asked about
  • if you have given your address we will send you a video CD, which is only 15 minutes long, it should answer a lot of your questions and give you a very clear idea about how Northern Cross works, far more than pages of writing.

If after seeing the video you decide this is something you would enjoy

  • you can then confirm your place on the leg by sending us a non returnable £20 deposit to cover our administration costs, and you keep the CD for yourself and to show friends and family what you are doing
  • if it's not for you, we would appreciate if you could please send back the CD.

The leg leader or secretary of your leg / walk will then contact you to confirm your place.

  • they will help with answers to your questions,
  • coordinating your transport,
  • arranging people to meet you, settle you into your first night's stop

Welcome to Northern Cross, your first walk on your first leg begins here...


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