[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
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Northern Cross: How it is organised

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Northern Cross is run by those who take part, a volunteer group of ordinary Christians. All the preparations are done in their spare time. It is not a profit-making business-type operation in which a service is delivered to those who pay the charge. Everyone who comes on the pilgrimage is expected to participate to make the pilgrimage a valuable Easter experience for all.

The organising team are divided into a coordinator and coordinator's committee who have overall responsibility for Northern Cross each year, aided by the steering committee who take a long term overview; and a publicity committee. There are also the music and worship co-ordinators on Holy Island.

What we do, we do for ourselves, so please come along with a willing and generous spirit. You will have plenty of opportunity to demonstrate your tea and sandwich making skills. We do all our own cooking, washing-up and loading the suppoort vehicles, so we ask all pilgrims during the walk to play their part in helping out with various duties. We also organise our own music and liturgy, and welcome contributions, so please make any particular music skills known to the Leg leadership team beforehand as this is always good to know when planning the pilgrimage.

There are traditionally 5 walks or legs as we call them which are named after their associations with the locations of their start points or regions they walk through. The course of these legs are not fixed with some evolving new routes over the years. Additional legs have been added to this number as the occasion suggests.

The legs normally stay in church or village halls, as often the villages we stop overnight in are very small usually, often no B&B's and there can be up to 20 walking in each group. Each leg has a leader who has overall responsibility for the leg as a group of people, then there are one or two secretaries who organises the walking guides, liturgy, the halls or stops and transport. Someone is usually nominated to organise the shopping and food. Then pilgrims from the group (usually those who've walked before) also carry out roles as support drivers, taking turns to drive the support car and the other cars to tramsport luggage ahead at the start of each day.

At the end of each walk when we reach Lindisfarne / Holy Island, each leg holds a meeting to elect a new leader and team to run the leg next year, and discuss how the walk might be improved,. These recommendations are included in the leg report for our annual general meeting or AGM.

Northern Cross holds a Annual General Meeting on the Easter Saturday, to receive the leg reports, discuss ideas to improve, promote or manage it and elect a coordinator, and members to the various committees.

If you would like more information, see our FAQs here, or would like to speak in person to a representative of Northern Cross please go to our Contact page. If you are interested in walking with us next Easter and would like to sign up please go to our Registration page.


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