[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
[image] Northern Cross - the ecumenical Christian Easter walking pilgrimage to Holy Island
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Experience the fellowship


Easter weekend with Northern Cross

Summary of the events over the Easter weekend on Lindisfarne

The Island

This is the culmination of Northern Cross. On Holy Island Christians have rejoiced, prayed and celebrated for almost 1400 years. Here we share our experiences and join together in prayer and celebration of the Easter mystery.

Good Friday - Rendezvous at the causeway
After between 60 and 110 miles of walking, through sunshine and rain, our destination is finally in sight, only 5 miles remain to be walked. Here we meet up with the groups from the other Legs who have been sharing our experience and as we set out across the pilgrim sands we become for the first time wholly "Northern Cross".

Our arrival is marked by a short service where all the groups are welcomed to the island and their crosses are laid at rest in the chapel. This is closely followed by lunch and a well earned rest.

Good Friday - The Passion
On Good Friday evening we share together a service of reflection on the Passion of Our Lord. Although this service is new each year it has often taken the form of a quiet reflective time with a reading of the passion and usually ends with an open ended time of prayer where people may remain for as long as they need.

Easter Saturday - The Service of Light
Each year we collect driftwood and build a bonfire on the beach to be our Paschal Fire. The service is shared with the local Anglicans and others and takes place in the local Anglican church (St. Mary the Virgin Holy Island). The service is in four parts; "The vigil", which is a series of narrative readings with the church in darkness; "The service of light" a procession to the beach to light the paschal candle from the fire; "The liturgy of baptism" where we renew our baptismal vows and "The first Easter service" which is a celebration cooperatively organised by both the Anglican and Roman Catholics where all are welcome.

The Happening
On Easter Sunday morning we join the local community as they celebrate Our Lord's resurrection. By this time the crosses that we carried all those miles have been decorated with flowers. We carry the decorated crosses into the church at the start of the service and stand them in the chancel. After the service we carry the crosses around the village in celebration and witness to remind all the tourists of the reality of Easter.


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